Flipped Classroom

Flip Your Classroom!Video is changing the face of education. John Sowash (fearless leader at Sowash Ventures) was one of a handfull of teacher who developed the flipped classroom modle of instructions. The flipped classroom is an instructional model in which homework and lecture are reversed. Lecture content is delivered on demand through recorded video in an effort to better utilize face-to-face instructional time for hands-on, practical instruction. John’s blog post regarding his experience flipping his high school is one of the top post on the web regarding this method of instruction.

John has developed a special hands-on training workshop to help teachers flip their classrooms. Faculty  from University School Milwaukee and Troy University have expressed their praise for John’s workshop.

To learn more about the flipped classroom, check out the video posted below or browse through John’s workshop resource website. To inquire about John’s availability to lead a Flipped Classroom workshop for your faculty, please contact us.

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